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Performances in Aug. 6-18 @ 7pm
No Shows on Mondays
4000 Majestic Pines DR.

VIP Tickets are available  
OR $15 suggested donation. Nobody turned away for lack of funds. 

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The Winter's Tale


Merry Wives of Windsor

The Winter's Tale

Aug. 7,9,11,13,15,17

This production of The Winter’s Tale is set in the world of  today; a world of privilege, cellphones and social media. One of Shakepeare's last plays The Winters Tale begins with a couple, Leontes and Hermione, who seem to have everything: money, beauty, love, passion. Their son is thriving and and Hermione is pregnant again. Their future appears glowing with glorious possibility until Leontes, is suddenly taken over with a mad jealousy, an image in his mind he can't get out which eats away at him and everything he holds dear. After "Exit pursied by bear", the most famous Shakespeare stage direction in the cannon, the play jumps 16 years to a Bohemian paradise filled with love, laughter and song. The play's two tonally different sections remind us of the randomness of life, a life that  jumps from tragedy to comedy and back to tragedy again exploring the themes of rage, jealousy, loss, redemption, forgiveness and rebirth.


Aug. 6,8,10,14,16,18

Set in the 18th Century in France, this comedy was written for Queen Elizabeth I, when she wanted to see a play with Sir Falstaff in Love. The play takes place when Falstaff decides to fix his financial woe by seducing the wives of two wealthy merchants. The wives find he sent them identical letters and take revenge by playing tricks on Falstaff when he comes calling. With the help of their husbands and friends, the wives play one last trick in the woods to put Falstaff's mischief to an end.


Shakespeare Kids

SHAKESPEARE KIDS- Children's Summer Camp

July 15-26

Performance Fri. July 26 @ 6:00pm

A professional educational program that brings the brilliance and fun of William Shakespeare’s works to students of all ages.

We combine specialty workshops in varied performance skills with a fun rehearsal process that culminates in a grand performance for family and friends.

For Ages 7-16

This year's camp -  July 15-26, 2024

This year's production - A Midsummer Nights Dream

Performance Fri. July 26th at 6:00pm

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